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Useful Guide When Moving House – Blog | United Movers

They say that moving house can be one of the most stressful things you will do in your life, so being organised before you move can keep this stress to a minimum.

  • Firstly have your mail is re-directed with Royal mail
  • Tell your bank you are moving and any other finance companies you have dealings with
  • Take final metering readings for your gas and electric, even an idea to photograph these for your records
  • Update with the electoral roll
  • Update the TV license with your new property address
  • Arrange with your cable and broadband providers to have this installed at your new property
  • Apply for a parking permit at your new property if you need one
  • If you have any subscriptions or services, inform them of your new address and if you want them to continue there, such as window cleaners and milkmen

So here is a simple little check list of a few important things that people can tend to forget about that can be done in advance.