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Getting the Right Packing Supplies

Whether you are moving home just down the street, across the city or overseas, you need to pack your possessions the right way. And you need the right packing supplies whether you take your own time to move homes or hire a removals company to do it for you. Here are the packing supplies United Movers can provide for your next move.

Double-Walled Removal Boxes and Crates

When you finally get to packing your things for the move, you need boxes and crates of all sizes to carry all your belongings to the new place. Sturdy, double-walled removal boxes and office removal crates are just the things you need.

Strong enough to carry heavy household stuff and office equipment and secure enough to withstand transport handling, these removal boxes are important packing supplies you must include in your list.

Packing Paper

Not all things in your home fit into boxes or bags. You may need to use special packing paper to wrap some of the valuables from your current home before you send them to your new home. Discuss with our staff how you can use packing paper to secure items from your removals list.

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is that quintessential packing material you will always need to keep your packages secure. When you are packing and moving delicate items, artwork, kitchenware, artefacts and other home or office stuff, you need bubble wrap.

At United Movers, we understand that packing can be an uphill task for our customers when they do it themselves. We offer packing and storage services that give you complete peace of mind. Our trusted team of packing and removing experts can do all the work for you in no time at all.


Good quality tape is an essential part of packing supplies. You need to make sure the boxes that will carry your precious possessions are secure before they are loaded onto the van. Even if you are moving your belongings yourself, you need to pack the boxes and secure them with tape so the contents do not spill out in transit.

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Looking for quality packing supplies and reliable storage services? You only need to get in touch with us at United Movers. We make moving home and office easy for you. Our competitive pricing, high-quality products, efficient packing and professional transportation are the reasons we come highly recommended from our happy clients. Contact us today for a free quote.