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How to Choose the Right Removals Company?

Moving to a new house or office? It’s alright if you have very little with you to remove when you are moving – maybe one or two trips and you are all set.

But if you seem to have accumulated a lot over the years, then packing and shifting all your possessions isn’t as easy. Given the enormity and often fragility, this task is best left to a professional removals company in Coventry.

Here’s some help on choosing the right removals company.


Do you want help only with moving your stuff from your old home to the new one? Or do you need help with packing your furniture, fragile showpieces and crockery and valuables?

Let’s take this a step further and think if you need a place to store all this stuff in the time between moving out of your old home and into your new home.

When you approach any home removals company in Coventry, check for all the services mentioned above. Better yet, talk to us at United Movers.

Removals Insurance

Your removals company must have insurance cover in the event of an unlikely delay or for high-value possessions and breakables. This will give you the assurance that damage that occurs in transit will be covered and your valuables will be secure while it is being moved from your existing home or office to the new place.

Read the many testimonials for United Movers that speak of our professional and reliable moving services with complete removals insurance.

Get Quotes

Get your removals company staff to visit your home to get a good idea of what they need to do. Getting quotes over the phone is a big no because the company will need to calculate in terms of restricted access, tight stairways as well as the kind of packing you need.

We understand what it takes to deliver a professional removal service. Our quotes give you a complete breakdown of packing, storing, insurance, costs for extra services in restricted areas, parking, mileage, loading and unloading.

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Once you have decided you want to move, get in touch with us to schedule the day of moving. Our professional team will come over to your place for a free inspection and quote. It’s time to leave all your moving worries to us and look forward to settling quickly in your new home or office.