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How to Move Abroad?

Moving to a new place always comes with a mixed bag of emotions. But moving to a new country is an altogether different ballgame. The entire process can be quite demanding and you will need to go through a lot of documentation and technicalities before everything is finalised.

You will also need to think about selling off things you won’t need anymore, giving away stuff and most importantly, packing your belongings that you will need in the new country.

United Movers provides worldwide removals and home moving services. We can help you to make the move seamless and effortless. Here is a list of things you need to consider when you are looking to move to another country.

Inform the Following People

As soon as you have decided to move abroad, you need to inform more than just family and friends. From HM Revenue and Customs to the local authority, you need to keep everyone informed.

You still need to pay taxes as an expat, more so if you are a homeowner in the UK. Your mortgage provider also needs to know if you are moving out of the country and if you plan to rent out your home.

The loan companies, the medical services, your childcare provider all need to be informed about your move. And you also need to subscribe to the Post Office’s mail redirection service to ensure you don’t miss any important mail.

Get Your Documentation Right

Depending upon the country you are relocating to, there is a lot of paperwork you will need to go through. Check with the UK-based embassy in your new country for the documentation. Make sure you submit all your papers in time.

Pack, Give Away, Sell

Do the packing yourself. This way, you will know exactly what you are taking along and what you don’t want to. Donate anything that you feel will be useful to someone less privileged. Sell things that you can. Make a checklist for everything.

Move Your Possessions by Sea

Moving your possessions by air cargo can be quite an expense. You can save a lot of money if you plan your move well in advance and book a shipping company to transport your belongings. Talk to your removal services provider for affordable transfer of your baggage overseas.

Call United Movers for Professional, Reliable Removal Services

At United Movers, we can help you to move your belongings aboard securely with the help of our trade partners. We help you save on costs too. Talk to us as soon as you are ready to despatch your things abroad.