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Moving Home with Your Dog

Dreadful. Stressful. Terrible. These are some of the words that come to mind when we think of moving homes. Given all the inconvenience associated with the process of packing and moving, those words ring home for most people.

If you hate moving, you are not alone. The process can be equally depressing for your dog. However, there are some things you can do to make the process easy and smooth for your furry friend.

Before the Move

  • Keep calm – Pets can sense our feelings and read our body language. If you are feeling anxious, your dog will also begin to show signs of stress. Be sure to manage your mood when preparing for the move.
  • Maintain your routine – As you prepare for the move, be sure to keep your dog’s routine. They know the time they are supposed to go for a walk, eat and rest. They also know when they get to spend time with you and when they will be alone. This routine creates a sense of routine, so retain the normality as much as possible.
  • Sensitise your dog – Several days before your move, be sure to desensitise your pet to the sight of packing boxes and the sound of packing tape, etc. Gather some packing boxes and place them in a corner. You don’t have to be dramatic. Simply let your dog explore the packing supplies at its own pace. As your pet gets used to the presence of these boxes, you can begin packing things, stuffing the boxes with your stuff and getting things ready.

After the Move

  • Give your dog lots of attention – Walking, playing and just spending quality time with your pet. These are the things you normally do. But it’s easy to ignore these things when you are overwhelmed and busy setting up your new home. Commit yourself to spending some quality time every day with your pet.
  • Don’t leave your pet alone initially – Dogs can be extremely place-sensitive. They may have been comfortable being left alone for years. However, things become different when it’s a new home. For the first few weeks after the move, avoid leaving your dog alone.
  • Create familiarity – Help your pet feel comfortable at your new home by arranging crates, beds and toys just like the old set up. Stick to your pet’s walking and feeding schedules.

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