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Moving to the Countryside

Since the pandemic arrived, more and more people are moving to the countryside. However, it’s important to compare the pros and cons of moving to the countryside so you can make an informed decision. If living in a flat makes you feel stuck, you will appreciate the possibility of stunning views, lower property prices, lush greenery, etc. that living in the countryside offers.

Advantages of Moving to the Countryside

  • Low housing prices – Whether you are buying or renting a house, the prices are up to 50% lower in the countryside when compared to urban areas. The farther you go from the city, the lower the prices.
  • Affordable living – Property taxes and income taxes are lower in rural areas. What’s more, living expenses are low too.
  • Clean air – The countryside offers an abundant supply of fresh air. The further you are from the city, the cleaner the air. This, in turn, results in better breathing and a lower risk of heart diseases, respiratory illnesses and allergies.
  • Less stress – Life in the country is far less demanding and slower; no urgent meetings, no hectic schedules, no social pressure, no huge expectations, etc. You can relax, breathe easy and focus on things that are important to you.
  • Safer – Country living offers better safety too. Crime is lower in the countryside when compared to urban areas.

Disadvantages of Moving to the Countryside

  • Fewer job opportunities – Unless you have a remote job, are retired, have excellent farming skills or are in a sought-after trade, you may have a hard time finding a job in the countryside.
  • Fewer education opportunities – If you or a family member needs regular access to good healthcare, you must move to an area with good access to medical facilities.
  • Limited services – In rural areas, services are limited and slow. You may have to drive several hours to access clothing stores, pharmacies or supermarkets; the internet may be slow or non-existent; food delivery may not be an option; there could be frequent power outages among other things.
  • Limited entertainment options – The peaceful life in rural areas may become monotonous soon as you may miss the diversity and vibrancy of urban living -no nightlife, no cultural events, not many restaurants, or many entertainment options either.

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