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Moving with Small Pets

Moving day is around the corner, and you are terrified about how your pet is going to react when D Day arrives. The good news is that you can prepare for this day in advance. Small things can go a long way in ensuring that you and your pet enjoy a seamless transition into a new life.

Trusted Removal Services can be extremely helpful in ensuring that your pet experiences no distress when moving, so ensure that you choose the right one for a hassle-free moving experience. A few other things that you should consider to ensure that your pet stays comfortable are listed below.

Stick to the Routine

Sudden changes can make your pet nervous. Be wary of their needs and make an effort to keep their routine intact, no matter how busy you may be. Stick to the same time for your pet’s feed, walk and playtime. Avoid projecting your stress onto them.

Get the Crate Out

Get the crate out at least a week or two in advance to ensure your pet knows what to expect on moving day. Small pets may feel more secure in a crate when traveling with all the other stuff that needs to be moved to your new home.

Getting the crate out a few days before the D-day will help them get acquainted with the crate and getting them to move in will be less stressful a task. As part of our removal services, we can help move the crate into the truck with ease and ensure that it is situated perfectly, ensuring your pet a comfortable journey.

Pack a Bag for Your Pet

Identify exactly what your pet may need during the journey and make sure you have it. A chew toy, food, some water and an extra sweater if it’s a little too cold. A large part of ensuring your pet’s comfort is in your hands. Removal services can help take you from one point to another, but calming your pet down and helping it adjust to a new environment is entirely up to you.

Speak to Your Vet

Speak to the vet and express your concerns candidly. Your vet will help you approach the process systematically while helping you understand your pet’s point of view. The vet may also urge you to consider the use of sedatives if you expect your pet to become anxious during the move.

Contact United Movers for Stress-Free Removal Services

Moving with a pet can indeed be a stressful experience. That’s why it’s important to partner with a professional removal services company. At United Movers, we can help you and your pet reach your new home in comfort and style. Contact us today for a free inspection and quote