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Packing Tips

if you are packing up your property yourself, please follow these tips… 

removal bannerremoval bannerPack a room at a time, labeling each box with details of its contents and where it should be 
placed in your new home e.g. kitchen, bathroom, garage visibly mark “Fragile” on the outer surface of cartons do not mark all boxes with fragile only boxes which actually have fragile items inside. Be as detailed as you can it will make unpacking a good deal easier.
removal bannerremoval bannerDo not use packing tape directly on polished or painted wood surfaces. As removing the packing tape could spoil the surface.
removal bannerremoval bannerIt is an idea to tape a sign on rooms in new house with names so corresponding boxes can be placed directly in these rooms.

removal bannerremoval bannerRemember to keep the load of your boxes sensible if possible to avoid any back injuries, put heavy objects in small boxes to make them easier to carry. Place lighter items in bigger boxes. 
removal bannerremoval bannerPack most important papers together, for instance birth and marriage certificates passports, and keep them in a safe place. 
removal bannerremoval bannerPrior to packing cartons, you’ll need to wrap most items to guard them from scratching and shatter. 
removal bannerremoval bannerSupport the bottom of boxes with adhesive packing tape, Fill boxes securely and pack well to prevent the contents from moving during your move. Close up boxes securely with packing tape. Boxes should be no more than 30kg in weight
removal bannerremoval bannerGroup records and CDs vertically in boxes do not stack them flat. Place weighty items in the bottom of the box and lighter items at the top. Detach tops and lids from jars and china and wrap them separately. Fasten any opened boxes and bottles before packing them to prevent spills and seepage. 
removal bannerremoval bannerWhere appropriate mark boxes that need to be a certain way up by marking the box with “THIS WAY UP”.
removal bannerremoval bannerPlease remember to inform the United movers team if you have any special items, such as; plants, paintings, antiques, wine collections, pianos or any unusual large objects so that special arrangements can be made.
removal bannerremoval bannerThere are a selection of supplies which can be obtained from United Movers including bubble wrap, foam peanuts and tissue paper (at an additional cost).
removal bannerremoval bannerUnited Movers  do offer a packing service, please refer to our website for more information, or simply call us for a packing quote. 

Whatever the size of the move, we can give you an
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