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Signs You’re Ready to Move in Together

Cohabiting before walking down the aisle may have been unthinkable even a few decades ago but not anymore. The proportion of cohabiting unmarried adults rose by nearly 30% from 2007 to 2016. That you and your partner love each other intensely could be a practical reason to move in together but certainly not the only one.

Ensure that your beau or fiancée is the one you wish to spend a lifetime with before you take the plunge.

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Pros of Moving in Together

  • Cohabiting can serve as a ‘trial-run’ or ‘test-drive’ for marriage.
  • Living-in is somewhat like sharing a flat with colleagues or college friends. You can split rent, utilities, TV subscription, and save upfront on the down payments for the car/house the two of you have been longing to buy.
  • You have someone to clean up after meals.
  • There is somebody to come back home to.
  • You have a shoulder to cry on.
  • You make the most of an active sex life and enjoy life to the hilt.

And the Cons

  • Living together can get stressful eventually if your religious beliefs or background differ from those of your partner.
  • You will miss out on the excitement of a married life (as you already experience it while living together).
  • Exchanging marriage vows instils a sense of accountability and commitment towards each other that might be absent in a live-in relationship.
  • Financial issues could take a toll on your cohabitation.

Signs You Are Ready to Move in Together

  • You are not cohabiting only for the sake of money – Are you moving in just to share the living expenses? Then you need to seriously reconsider your decision. A live-in relationship is more about offering encouragement and emotional support to each other than simply about splitting rent or utilities.
  • You have been through it before – If you’ve already had a go at it before, you are a good candidate for cohabitation.
  • You are doing it on your own – You should not be coerced into moving in together; rather it should be your independent decision.
  • You are aware of your relationship issues – Both of you have spent days and nights, and vacationed together several times before. So, you are confident that you will get on well with your partner after moving in.
  • You have agreed to disagree many times before – You have had forceful fights and violent arguments many times in the past but both of you ultimately made up with each other.    
  • You have already revealed your darkest secrets – Both of you are willing to discuss your feelings, emotions, and problems with each other.  

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