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Sorting Out Your Bills Before You Move

You’ve chosen your new home and you are all set to move. You have started organising and packing your belongings and you’ve also begun your search for a removal company. One big thing on your “to-do” list is sorting out your utility bills.

Be sure to get in touch with your utility suppliers well before your move to ensure you don’t end up paying any more than you need to for your electricity, gas, phone and internet.

Sorting out your bills well in advance can keep you organised whilst helping you avoid any last-minute stress.

Before the Move

  • Before moving home, be sure to contact any provider you’ve signed up a contract with. Give them at least 30 days’ notice, allowing them to update your account, switch it to your new location or cancel it. Services you must amend/cancel early on include telephone, broadband, TV and home insurance.
  • Get in touch with your gas and electricity providers to let them know you are moving. Call them a few weeks in advance to inform them about your move.
  • Supply a forwarding address so your suppliers can send you the final bill.

If the final bill says that the provider owes you money (i.e., you are in credit), you can file to claim the money back.

If you are on a contract with any provider, you may incur an exit fee for breaking the contract early. Your exit fee would be mentioned on the energy bill. You will find the exit fee mentioned on the energy bill. It would be cheaper to retain your existing energy provider to your new home. However, this might not always be possible, so be sure to check with the utility company.

On the Day You Move

On the day of the move, read your electricity and gas meters and share the readings with your supplier. This ensures that the meter reading is correct.

Write down the readings and the dates you recorded them on, in case you disagree with the accuracy of the final bill.

Keep the following details when calling your utility company:

  • The account number
  • Meter reading
  • Your new address

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