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Spruce Up Your Patio for Spring

Spring has arrived and it’s time to embrace the outdoors. With the warm weather returning, all of us want to spend more time soaking in the sunshine, listening to birdsong, taking in the fresh breeze or lounging on your patio.

Here are some of our top tips to spruce up your patio and get it ready for weekend parties, backyard barbecues or fun time with family.

Sweep Up the Deck

Sprucing up your patio for spring begins with some cleaning. As you haven’t used your patio for some time, begin with some deep cleaning. Sweep the debris and jet spray the surface to give it a thorough clean. If you see any imperfections that need attention, be sure to tend to them right away.

Get Some Shade

Although the spring warmth offers a welcome respite from the cold months, it’s important to remember that when things get hot, hotter and hottest, you will be craving for some shade.

A parasol is the easiest way to get some shade. Alternatively, you can cover the patio with a pergola.

Designate Different Areas for Entertaining

If your patio size affords it, be sure to create specific zones for different activities. For example, you can provide a spot for lounging, one for dining and another for recreation. It does not have to be huge or spread out lavishly, just ample space that ensures everyone can have a jolly good time in their own way without spoiling it for the rest.

Add Lots of Greenery

Whether in the form of a garden bed or some moveable planters, be sure to add lots of blooms to your outdoor patio. Colourful flowers will instantly enhance the ambiance of your patio and elevate your outdoor experience.

Add Some Accessories

Now it’s time to accessorise your patio and add some personality. Star with some cushions in vibrant shades and unique lanterns. Add some LED candles to add a romantic touch to your patio. There’s no dearth of options when you want to add accessories, so feel free to get creative and add some quality accessories to amp up the ambience.

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