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Storage Units Vs Warehouses

Moving home or office and wondering where to keep your possessions till you complete the process? Your removals company gives you the extra space you need in the form of storage units or warehouses. If you don’t know which option is right for you, read on to find out.

Storage Units

A storage unit gives you access to additional space to store your possessions, documents, furniture, kitchenware and everything else.

Simply choose a storage space that suits your requirements pay the rental and you’re sorted! United Movers provides you with reliable moving and storage services for all your removals.

Whether you are decluttering, renovating your home/office or moving from one home to another, you can use the storage unit to safely store your belongings.

You may not really need to pack each item but keep them together in boxes or bags. You can easily access your storage unit any number of times and can add more things or take away what you need when you need them.


Warehouses are usually large storage units that can accommodate large furniture, goods as well as household or office stuff. There are no individual storage areas and you are allotted space for your storage needs.

It may be difficult to access your stuff in a warehouse as the entire place could be huge and you are advised to pack your boxes and seal them when you sign up for their storage services.

Moreover, it is cumbersome to take things away or add contents every time you need something. Hence, warehouses are preferred for goods that won’t be needed anytime soon or only after the entire moving process is completed.

What Should You Use?

Storage services are an integral part of the removal services. You can be assured your possessions are secure and not damaged during the transit or while you are getting your new home or office ready.

Storage units are better than warehouses as you can use them to keep and remove your important things for as long as you want.

Reliable Storage Services from United Movers

At United Movers, we understand your need for safe, fast and reliable removing services along with storage services that cater to your needs. Whether you are moving just down the street or to another city, we are here to help you. Call us right away to know more.