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Top Tips for Moving House with Small Children

Moving house is one of the most stressful things, especially if you neither plan well in advance nor hire moving services in Coventry. You have a lot of things to arrange, package, load, transport and unload them in your new home. If you want to move house with your small children, here are a few tips for you.

Visit Your New Home

After informing your kids that you are relocating, it is essential to visit your new home with them. This will help them familiarise themselves with the new environment. Let them take some time in the house to spot favourite places and prepare for the change.

If you are moving to another city, show your kids pictures of the house and the town, and tell them new things they can do in the city. Doing so will make them excited to move.

Allow them to Pack

It is essential to allow the kids to help you pack a few things even if you hire house removals services in Coventry. This makes them feel useful in the moving process.

Let professionals pack everything in the house except the toys. Ask your kids to pack their toys in separate boxes and ensure they are safe. Also, involve them when making decisions such as getting rid of old toys.

Don’t throw a toy because it’s broken without agreeing with them. If you have a toddler, you might have to hire a nanny or take care of the child while moving specialists help you to pack.

Pack Their Boxes Last

When putting the items in the lorry, ensure that your kids’ boxes are packed last. This means that, once you arrive, you can unload their boxes first. Allow them to head to their rooms to unpack while you unload other items.

Pack Food

It is vital to carry food, especially if you will spend more than one hour on the road. Work with movers that have comfortable vans for your children.

Give them Memories

It is usual for small children to be stressed in the new house.  If your kids suck their thumbs or have problems eating, they may be having problems adjusting to the new environment. It is advisable to share with them exciting memories from the old house.

For example, you can arrange their beds in a similar position or use the same fabric cleaner on their sheets to give them a familiar scent, among others.

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