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Top Tips for Moving House in the Summer

Moving to a new house in summer? You have just chosen the right season. Moving into a new home in summer gives you ample time to settle down before the weather changes. No wonder, the hot summer season is the busiest period of the year when it comes to moving house. Consider these top tips to help you make your house moving hassle-free this summer.


Even as you are contemplating the date for the removals, ensure you are taking only what you really need to your new home.

Be sure to de-clutter and sort out your stuff before the removals company sends a team to survey all the things that they need to pack and move. This can save you a lot of time and effort.

Schedule Your Survey Appointment

Moving house is a process that needs quite a lot of preparation. Your removals company will need time to gather information and send you the quote. With a lot of people moving home in summer, you need to make sure you schedule the inspection as early as possible in order to avoid delays in scheduling the actual removals.

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Avoid Fridays & Weekends

Fridays and weekends are by far the most popular times for house moving. So, you will find house moving companies, estate agents and even solicitors extremely busy during this time of the week.

This simply means that you will end up spending more time on the paperwork and the financial transactions than actually focusing on the removals.

If it is possible, try planning your house moving on a weekday. This will give you a chance to negotiate the price too.

Only Experts & Professionals

You need to make sure the removals company you are calling adheres to all rules and regulations. Moreover, it must have all the requisite licenses, crew training certificates and insurance policies to carry on the work it advertises.

Do not be tempted to hire incompetent movers just to save money.

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The only other thing you have to do is to make sure you take plenty of water and cold drinks while our removals team gets down to the job.

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