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Top Tips on Moving Your Belongings Abroad

Moving home and relocating to a new town or city can be quite a challenge. No wonder then that an overseas move will be a lot more demanding and nerve-wracking. If you are planning to relocate abroad, United Movers can help make the move easier and less taxing.

At United Movers, we have been offering consistent worldwide home moving and removals services to families and individuals in Warwickshire and Coventry. Follow these tips to make your international relocation somewhat less stressful.

Make a Checklist

Make a checklist of things you need to do as part of the move. Having a checklist helps determine the tasks you need to complete on a priority basis.

Do the Packing Yourself

Packing up your bits and pieces on your own will help save a significant amount of cost associated with moving. However, if you are pressed for time, contact our worldwide home moving and removals services. We can offer you packing and wadding materials at affordable prices.

Inform the Government

Make sure you inform the government of your current country and also the administration of the new country about your immigration. Notifying the governments in advance will make the income tax filing process smoother.

Open an Overseas Bank Account

Opening an overseas bank account, particularly when you are relocating abroad, protects you from a host of financial issues. Additionally, transferring money into an overseas account lets you conduct transactions in multiple currencies.

Sell Bits and Pieces You Can Do Without

If you plan ahead and carefully, you will realise that you don’t have to ship all your belongings. You may not be able to use many items, depending upon the climate of your new country and the space in your home. Sell goods and items you can do without in your new address.

Take Your Time

When organising a move out of the country, time is of essence. That said, you should meticulously plan every stage of the relocation instead of leaving everything for the eleventh hour. Planning everything well in advance will take a lot of stress out of the picture.

Move Your Possessions via Sea

Shifting your bits and pieces to the country you are moving to can be remarkably expensive. Transporting your belongings can significantly add to your overall costs, especially if you book the stuff with an air carrier/air cargo service. Booking your stuff with a shipping company can help save substantially.

In case you need help with transferring your baggage overseas, feel free to contact our worldwide home moving and removals services.

Contact United Movers for shifting your belongings abroad securely and economically

At United Movers, we offer third-party transhipment via our business partners that not only ensures your stuff is transported safely but also lets you save. Alternatively, we can also help you with choosing a dedicated and standalone service-provider if you wish. Call 0844 330 4584 or send an email to to know more about our worldwide home moving and removals services.