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Using a Storage Facility for the First Time

A storage facility is a great place to store your belongings while you are decluttering, moving home or renovating your home. If you are thinking of using a storage facility for the first time, here is what you should know about storage services.

Choosing the right size and the duration for which you need a storage facility will depend upon a few factors. Read on to know how best you can use a storage facility.

Inspect the Storage Unit

A storage facility has units of different sizes. Depending upon what you want to store in the facility – from furniture to memorabilia, you can rent a storage unit as small or as big as you want.

If you are renting a storage unit for the first time, be sure to visit the facility and inspect the storage unit first-hand. This way you can be sure you have adequate space for all your stuff. The rental will depend on the size of the storage unit you choose.

Sign the Rental Agreement

The rental agreement covers the terms of the lease, rules and regulations, payment terms as well as cancellation terms. You will be asked to pay the first month’s rent as soon as you sign the rental agreement. You can pay subsequent monthly rent online.

Access Your Unit and Move Your Things

Most storage facilities will give you a personalised key code to access your storage unit along with a digital map to help you locate the unit easily. It is time now to get your removal services to move your belongings to the storage unit.

Things You Can and Cannot Store

You can put household items, furniture, white goods, documents, books, kitchen items and pretty much anything else that can be stored. Pack your belongings in boxes to keep them secure, especially books, clothes and bedding.

Make sure you clean cupboards, fridge and freezer thoroughly before sending them to the storage facility. Food, perishable items, dried animal feed, flammable items, cleaning solutions, paints cannot be stored in a storage facility.

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At United Movers, we provide top quality storage facilities in Coventry and Warwickshire areas. We offer secure storage at affordable prices and also arrange insurance for any length of time you desire to use the storage facility. Call us for a quote right away.