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What to Consider When Moving Offices?

Moving offices is a challenging task, especially during this pandemic. There are many things to consider when moving offices during the new normal. Whether you are moving from a bigger space to a smaller one to save on rental costs or because your rental contract expired, if you are one of those who don’t have a choice but to move, here are some tips to move offices safely.

Pre-Move Health Audits

Before your move, get in touch with the moving company to explain if you or your employees have or might have contracted the virus, or are self-isolating to limit exposure. This includes any illness that causes a fever.

In such circumstances, we will work with you to reschedule the move to mitigate the risk for our crew as well as for other customers.

As part of our office removal services, we are also contacting our customers up to five days before the move to fill out a preliminary health questionnaire to ensure everyone’s safety.

Limit Exposure

Most cases of COVID-19 occur through touch. Limit physical contact between your employees and the movers. This includes not shaking hands with them.

Moreover, ensure only the bare minimum number of people are present during the move. Limiting the number of people present in the office can help minimise contact whilst limiting the risk factors for all people involved in the move.

Use Fresh Supplies for Packing

During the pre-pandemic days, it was not uncommon for people to reuse boxes. However, during these times, avoid skimping on boxes.

To ensure the packing boxes are not contaminated, we highly recommend that you keep away from recycled boxes and buy new ones instead. Using fresh supplies will minimise the risk of the virus living on these surfaces.

Maintain Good Hygiene

Wash hands frequently and thoroughly. If soap and water are not readily available, use hand sanitisers with at least 60% alcohol. Avoid touching the face, unless you’ve just washed your hands. Practice cough and respiratory hygiene etiquette.

Limit Interactions

In order to limit interactions between our customers and movers, we request you to pre-pack your belongings into labelled boxes. The labels must indicate which part of the office they belong to and where to place them.

Wipe Down Furniture and Boxes

Before the moving truck is loaded, we highly recommend that you clean the surface of all items being moved using a damp cloth with water and bleach or disinfectant wipe. Cleaning the items limits the risk of germs carrying into the new office.

Move the Smart Way with United Movers

When moving offices in the pandemic, be smart, follow all safety practices and use a professional office removal services company. We offer professional office removal services across Coventry and can help your business get into your new premises with all safety and hygiene practices in place.   

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