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What You Can and Can’t Put into Storage

Renting a storage space is an excellent option when you’re looking to minimise clutter, going away for several months or looking to store seasonal items until their next use. Storage units can save space and time, helping you make the most of both.

When looking to book a unit, many of our customers often have questions about what type of items can and cannot be stored in a storage unit.

Our secure storage facilities service in Coventry is perfect for several things but there are some items you can’t store for safety or legal reasons.

In this post, we take a look at items that can and can’t be put in storage.


If you do not retrieve the tyres at the end of the storage period, the company has to dispose of the same at its expense, which proves costly.

Hazardous or Toxic Materials

Items such as chemicals, paint, fertilisers, motor oil, propane tanks, chemicals, biological waste, fireworks, corrosives, gasoline, etc. fall under this category. If by chance such materials are subjected to a live flame, there will be huge and dangerous explosions.

Radioactive Materials 

These items can prove dangerous given their radioactive component. In recent times, secure storage facilities services in Coventry have been requested to obtain a special licence to store radioactive materials.

Perishable Food Items

Fresh and perishable food items will rot in no time and will quickly attract pests. However, canned foods are permitted.

Firearms and Ammunitions

These are items that need special climate-controlled facilities, which general storage facilities do not have.

Illegal or Stolen Items

It goes without saying that if the items do not legally belong to you, you do not own the same. Hence, they are not accepted.


In the absence of sunshine and water, plants will wither and die. They will also attract vermin and insects. Hence, these are best avoided.

Securities and Cash

These items would be more secure if stored in a safe deposit box either in a bank or at home.

Things You Can Store

Here are some things you can keep in your storage unit:

  • Electronics
  • Registered vehicles
  • Clothing
  • Furniture
  • Household appliances
  • Toys
  • Business needs

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