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How Can You Save Some Money When You Move Home – Blog | United Movers

So lets be honest, when moving home with another Coventry removal company it can be expensive.

So here is what United Movers have to say.

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Below are some useful tips to consider:
Lets get started with packing. This is something you can do on your own without any professional help. It can be time consuming and something you may prefer not to do but you will have to pay for the luxury of letting the professionals do it. So depending how much time you have and on your budget this will determine whether you want to  do this yourself or not. If you decide to do it yourself then why not ask family, friends or trusted neighbours around to help out.

Once the packing is out the way you have to decide where you will contract a professional removal company or simply hire a vehicle yourself. The latter at first might sound a lot cheaper and a better option however you must consider many factors. Firstly the hire cost and fuel you will use are costs you will incur immediately . Then the fact if family and friends have time off work to help out will they be missing out on their wages from their job? With regards the actual move do you have any protective equipment which professional removal companies use? The fact if it is a house sale you normally have to vacated by midday so will you fit all of your belongings on in one single load, normally you will not in a luton van. Generally if your moving the contents of a whole house you are far better off using a professional yet reasonably priced removal company such as United Movers who are also fully insured for that extra piece of mind.