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Moving with Pets and Small Animals

Moving home can be a taxing process for all of us. From finding the right property to hiring a reliable house removals company in Coventry through to ensuring a safe transit, the entire process can take its toll.

If relocation can be taxing for humans, just imagine how traumatic it can be for your pets, especially small animals. Your pet may have no idea as to why you’ve suddenly become so busy packing and shifting bits-and-pieces. Pets could find it difficult to cope with the stress of adjusting to new surroundings.

Here are some tips to help your pet effectively deal with the anxiety of moving and adapting to the new location.

Get in Touch with Your Vet

Be sure to notify your vet in advance about your move so they can provide you with the essential medications. The vet should also be able to hand over a transcript of your pet’s medical records. You can ask them to suggest a veterinary physician in your new location.

Keep the Supplies Kit Ready

Keep your pet’s provisions including his bed, grooming items, toys, poop bags and food packets in one room before relocating. At the same time, make sure the pet has ready access to the supplies in his new home. After all, you want to ascertain that he feels comfortable for the duration you’re busy unpacking and organising.

Isolate the Pet Until You’re Ready to Move

The pet could become utterly anxious when he sees unexpected and unusual activity in its existing home. Hence, you’d want to entrust the animal under the care of a close relative or friend until you’re ready to shift. However, keep checking up on him once-in-a-while to assure him that you’ve not abandoned him.

Let the Pet Accompany You

Your pet dog or cat will feel more secure if you take him to his new abode in your car. You can position the pet carrier in your vehicle’s backseat, and use the seat belt to secure it. If you’re transporting an Alsatian or Great Dane, then you may have to lower the seat or detach it for housing the kennel.

Don’t Release the Pet Immediately

Do not release the pet immediately after you reach your new dwelling. Dogs and cats can easily get edgy when they find themselves in unfamiliar surroundings. There’s always the possibility of the pet getting lost while trying to find the way to its new location.

Take the kennel into the house with the pet positioned inside the crate. Let it stay that way for the first few days.

Organise Everything before Shifting Your Pet

Plan to move the pet only after you’ve transported all belongings and organised everything in your new home. Set him up in one part of the dwelling and allow him to gradually become accustomed to his new setting.

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