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What to Consider When Moving During the Pandemic?

You just found the dream home you always wanted. And everything about the new place seems so perfect that you can’t wait to move into it at the earliest. However, with the pandemic still ravaging the nation, it’s only reasonable that you are worried this may not be the right time to move!

Well, don’t let the Covid-19 situation dampen your excitement. Moving into a new home can be a stress-free project even during a pandemic with some help from a professional removal services provider.

Before you move home, just make sure you take into account the following tips and you are all set.

Check for Cleaning and Sanitisation

Moving into a new home? You need to be sure the new home is not just clean but is also sanitised to ensure your family is safe from infection, given the current pandemic situation.

Check with the previous owners to know if all safety protocols have been followed before you are handed over the keys. Moving home can be a pleasant experience if your letting agent or landlord or previous owner can ensure the property is prepared and ready for you to move.

You may arrange for another round of sanitisation for your new home just to make doubly sure you are entering a safe home.

Follow Government Guidelines

It does help to know what the government authorities want you to do when you are planning to move home. Check if your new neighbourhood is clinically vulnerable and whether there are any restrictions on moving home.

Check with your estate agent or landlord for safety protocols in the neighbourhood. Follow government guidelines and medical regulations to the letter.

Pack Your Belongings Right

You need to make sure you pack your household stuff, furniture and all other important things the right way when you move to your new home.

One of the safety protocols to be followed during the pandemic is minimal contact with surfaces. Our removal services team is equipped with PPE kits to handle all your household stuff and pack everything safely. We also move your stuff in sanitised moving vehicles that are completely safe.

Hire a Reliable Removal Service

At United Movers, we are committed to provide you with highly efficient and safe professional removal services for all your home moving requirements anywhere in the UK. Call us right away to make your home moving during the pandemic completely stress-free. Contact 0844 330 4584 now for a free quote.